Fine Art Editorial - Blood Moon Rising - with Sheila Daligdig

Title: Blood Moon Rising



I Wanted to create this Series for two Reasons. One that sometimes things do not have to be perfect for it be powerful and moving. I want to remind Women that 

sometimes our Flaws is exactly what makes us so beautiful and unique. But secondly is also shows us Life and the Many stages as a Woman we go through. It shows us that time does

Not pass without any form of marks, in fact one way or the other life will leave a mark on us. This can be Birth, Power,Experience, Heart Ache, Death of a Loved one or simply losing the Self

Love to ones self. I wanted to remind Women that no matter what mark Life leaves on you,No matter how much you want to tear your flaws down or give up in hard times that,

 You are beautiful, Bold and simply incredible just the way you are.