The Birth of Kane ( Warning Graphic Content, Birthing Images)

Being able to document the birth of Kane was something not only truly magical but hit very close to home literally for me. You See Jennah is a good friend of mine that i met after moving here from Germany back in 2013. Jennah was one of the first models that i worked with in my Body positivity Project in 2014. Jennah was one of my first very fit Models i had worked with and her body truly is a work of art. The Black and white Portraits i took of her back then are still some of my all time favorites in my Portfolio of my work. I have since then worked with her a few times in some Boudoir Projects of mine. Being around Jennah is truly a pleasure and we became good friends over the Years. So when i got the news from her that she had been confirmed Pregnant with her Partner , i knew from that moment on, that i was going to document the birth of this amazing human being born. Jennah messaged me casually on September 22nd in the afternoon asking if i had any plan that evening. I said that i indeed had none and how she was doing. She then proceed to inform me that she had been admitted and if i wanted to be there to document the birth. THIS WAS A NO BRAINER TO ME. After getting my Fellow Cinematographer Friend  Perry Gilchrist , we both head out to Renton Medical Valley Center WA to see Jennah as soon as possible. We got there around 6 pm and it was so wonderful to see Jennah getting ready to welcome her Baby Boy Kane. Seeing the Love of all the Family in the room was truly overwhelming. Her Fiance Jamie was clearly excited to welcome Kane into the World. The Labor lasted over 20 Hours, Me and Perry were there for 17 h of it. I even had the honor to take turns with helping Jennah in assisting Pushing and got to take a few images from my Point of View while doing so.  Jennah was so incredibly Strong just like i knew she would. She Pushed for almost 5 hours and when Kane finally made his grand entrance into the world and was first layed onto her chest it was the most beautiful thing i had seen in awhile. Seeing those Tears of joy run down Jennah's face was so heart warming. Looking up and seeing the tears of joy across everyone's faces including that of Perry truly made me happy and inspired. This Gallery is dedicated to all the Mothers and Fathers out there. This Gallery is dedicated to the amazing Human Body and what it is capable of. This Gallery is Dedicated to Kane Melvin Abdullah LaBelle-Al-Belletah, born September 9/23/2017 at 20 inches and 8.37 Lbs. 


Thank you to Jennah and Jamie. Thank you to the Family who stayed all night and helped bring this baby into the world. Thank you to the amazing Staff at the Labor and Delivery of Medical Valley Center in Renton. Thank you to Perry Gilchrist for joining me and Filming this incredible birth. And Thank you Kane, for being a beautiful, amazing new human the world gets to enjoy. 

Much Love,

Auntie Jane