I started Fine PhotoArt Magazine after being 11 years myself in the Photography  Industry and being published over 100 times in Magazines from all over the world.However even being published with my work so many times I still was often not allowed to have 100% creative Freedom. Whether it was because the Subject was smoking a Cigarette or other ridiculous reasons, certain content was never able to be published. I started this Magazine to give Artists like me 100% Freedom to be Creative and showcase their best Fine Art work. While most Magazines focus on clean, beautified Post Process, Fine PhotoArt Magazine encourages you to be 100% creative and break the norms. The Photo Artists featured in this Magazine range from all experience levels and parts of the Photography Industry.

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Fine PhotoArt Magazine Vol.1

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Fine PhotoArt Magazine Vol.2 

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Fine PhotoArt Magazine Family Adventures Edition




Are you a Children and Family Photographer and would like to have your best Family Work published in a Magazine? Look no further, Submit your best work now to Fine PhotoArt Magazine Family Adventures Edition to showcase your best Family And Children's Fine Art Sets! Feel free to use the Form below to submit your work!


For Submissions please only the following Genres:

Documentary, Fine Art, Newborn,Families, Siblings,Birth

Submission Requirements for Fine PhotoArt Magazine:

7-20 images

JPG or TIF format

sRGB color profile

Allowed sizes:

8.5 × 11 inches, 300 dpi (pixels/inch)

17 × 11 inches, 300 dpi (pixels/inch)

No Logos or Watermarks of any kind

Multiple Sets can be submitted

Content does not need to be exclusive

Please include Dropbox Link or Pixieset Gallery Link

Legal First and Last Name as well as Artist Name *
Legal First and Last Name as well as Artist Name

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Fine PhotoArt Magazine

By Tracy Yun

86 pages, published 10/4/2017

Jess Roberts 04Shannon Colter 08Leanna Frazier 10Jamie Buckley 15Chris Blakeley 21Erica Palman 25Tamara Hudson 31Kayla Pratt 35Amber's Moments Photography38Anatasia Antonova 42Joel Wilson 45Annalisa Hacklemann 49Claire Peterson 52Pamela Obenchain 59Alondra Vega 64Brina Dablinhard 74Daniel West Photography 82Shawn Sawyer Photography 8
Fine PhotoArt Magzine Vol 2

By Fine PhotoArt Magazine

64 pages, published 10/12/2017

04 Bryden Giving25 Christin White33 Heather Koepp41 Francisco Santander46 DeAndrea Carroll48 Shoshone Boudreau51Sabrina Mock56 Katie-Gallant-Russo60 Laura Shanahan63 Molly Kendall